Veiligheid kunstgras-ONE-DNA

Safety and sustainability at the forefront

Every playground deserves the highest standard of safety, a place where children can explore and grow without worry. ONE-DNA™ strives not only to meet the standards for safe and sustainable play, but to redefine them.

Safety first: NEN-EN 71-3

When choosing a surface for children to play on, nothing is more important than safety. ONE-DNA™ is a child-friendly artificial grass that more than meets the stringent NEN-EN 71-3 standard. This standard, which is essential for the safety of children’s toys, ensures that our artificial grass products are safe for young users, free from harmful substances and therefore the perfect choice for any play environment.

Sustainability and recycling

Beyond safety, the future demands sustainable solutions. ONE-DNA™ artificial grass is a mono-material solution, made entirely from one type of polymer (polyethylene or PE), which allows for efficient recycling. This allows the artificial turf to be reused in valuable applications after its life cycle, fully in line with the European sustainability goals for 2030.

Long lifespan

The exceptional durability of ONE-DNA™ artificial grass has been proven through extensive testing, including accelerated ageing tests that mimic UV radiation, temperature fluctuations and humidity. These tests show that the grass maintains its quality and safety over time, making it a reliable choice for years of play.

Safe and green future

Choosing ONE-DNA™ means choosing a future where safety and sustainability go hand in hand. Thanks to LimeGreen’s commitment to both a safe play environment for children and the protection of our planet, ONE-DNA™ artificial grass is the first choice for playgrounds, gardens and public spaces. Let’s work together for a safer and greener future for generations to come.