Eco Top

Eco Top ONE DNA Artificial turf

Eco Top is passionate about developing surfaces for both recreational and professional outdoor sports facilities. This ranges from playgrounds and multi-sport pitches for schools and public spaces to landscaping, where Eco Top puts safety, quality, and sustainability first.

Eco Top is dedicated to creating safe and inspiring environments for children to play and thrive. With a strong emphasis on innovative and sustainable products that honor their unwavering commitment to this mission. As interest and awareness of environmentally friendly materials grow in Poland, Eco Top is at the forefront of this positive development. Their commitment to creating safe and green playgrounds makes them the ideal partner for LimeGreen.

" Eco Top's mission is to create inspiring spaces where children can play and grow safely. With a strong focus on using innovative and sustainable products that respect our planet. That's why we are so proud to be working with ONE DNA. "
- Jakub Gąsienica-Roj / CEO
Eco-Top ONE-DNA Changemaker

Zbożowa 42 B
40-657 Katowice

+48 695271736

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