For many years, we have been active in the artificial grass market. During this time, we have become increasingly aware of the opportunities and challenges that artificial grass presents. We have created great solutions for multi-sport fields, playgrounds, and gardens. However, we realized that there was a need for change in the product because the composition of artificial grass made recycling challenging.

Have you ever wondered how we can give artificial grass a sustainable future? Let’s discover that together.

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ONE-DNA kunstgras recycling

Shape the future

A sustainable future for artificial grass in the Landscaping and Play market demands significant innovation. Artificial grass must be produced in an energy-efficient manner, and high-quality recycling should be a viable option.

With ONE-DNA™, we have turned this vision into reality. Circular, monomaterial artificial grass produced with the highest possible energy efficiency. This approach results in resource savings in the subsequent “life” phase, a crucial step towards sustainability in the coming decade.


Our goal is to actively contribute to advancing a more sustainable future for the artificial grass market in line with global sustainability goals. We achieve this by developing products based on ONE-DNA™, with a focus on circularity, reduced CO2 emissions, and more efficient use of resources. Our commitment to transparency and measurable results lies at the heart of our identity.

Only by working together can we make a positive impact!

the team

Meet the team members who are the driving force behind our mission. Our team shares a deep passion for positive change and is committed to embedding innovation and sustainability in everything we do.

Jasper Eppingbroek
Jasper Eppingbroek
Change Director

Guiding our sustainable mission. Focusing on innovation and collaboration throughout the chain, aiming for a greener future, and leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Ed Donkers
Ed Donkers
Brand Architect

Determined to shape this sustainable transformation, alongside changemakers who understand the urgency of change, demonstrate leadership, and take action to make a difference.

Cas Kaptein
Cas Kaptein
Green Advocate

Committed to sustainability and turning it into tangible results. With a keen eye for environmental impact and a passion for change, certifications, and process improvement.


Our values are the foundation of our commitment to a sustainable and innovative future in the artificial grass market. These values guide every decision we make and action we take:

Opt for …

1 single raw material
Reduced Energy Usage

These assurances set ONE-DNA™ artificial grass apart from all other artificial grasses, supported by scientific evidence for maximum credibility and growth. Transparency and demonstrable results form the foundation of our collectively responsible approach.

Sustainable Goals

ONE-DNA™ artificial grass contributes to sustainability in various ways, aligning with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Choose ONE-DNA™ artificial grass to enhance your company’s sustainable image and contribute to reducing your ecological footprint. Here are some key points:

By being free from harmful substances and heavy metals (as demonstrated in leaching tests), ONE-DNA™ artificial grass contributes to SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being) by ensuring a safe playing and sports environment.

The use of advanced materials and production processes to create a more sustainable artificial grass product aligns with SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure).

Test results show that ONE-DNA™ artificial grass exhibits significant durability and resistance to aging. This means less replacement and less waste over time, contributing to SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production).

Because the artificial grass is made from a single type of polymer, polyethylene (PE), it simplifies the recycling process. This aids in waste reduction and promotes the circular economy, aligning with SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production).

The focus on using one material and the potential for recycling contribute to a lower environmental impact throughout the product’s lifecycle. This supports SDG 13 (Climate Action) by reducing the ecological footprint.

Team up!

Take an active role in shaping a more sustainable future.

Choosing ONE-DNA™ products is more than a purchase; it’s a statement of responsibility and dedication to sustainability. This is your invitation to be part of a group of forward-thinking companies that understand the urgency of a sustainable future and are taking action to transform the artificial grass market.