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Is your school ready for a transformation with new play and sports areas for activities such as sports, games and physical education? Do you want to bring sport and physical activity to the forefront of your educational institution? Playgrounds are not only essential for children’s development, they also provide green, safe and inclusive meeting places for people of all ages.

Imagine transforming these places into even more valuable environments. Are you intrigued by the idea of circular sustainability with maximum playability in all seasons on your school grounds? Then take the step and choose ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass, the sustainable choice for places where natural grass isn’t the ideal surface. Discover how your school can contribute to a greener future.

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as a system?

Finding the right balance between sustainability and safety is crucial when designing playgrounds and impact-absorbing surfaces. ONE-DNA™️ offers a revolutionary solution in this regard. These play products not only exceed standards with their circular benefits and reduced CO2 emissions, but also meet the highest safety standards, including EN 71-3 and EN 1177:2018, ensuring the safety that children deserve.

Looking for play solutions that are both sustainable and safe? With ONE-DNA you choose a total system solution.

With ONE-DNA™️ you have direct access to all the necessary certificates and detailed construction drawings. Choose a future where safety and sustainability go hand in hand. Choose ONE-DNA™️ – where every playground is a step forward.

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Need more certainty? Real certainty starts with undeniable facts. Everything we say is backed by scientific research for your confidence and success. Discover our transparent, results-driven approach below.

EPD verified
ISO 14044
ONE-DNA™️ products have obtained an Environmental Product Declaration, a document that independently details environmental performance and facilitates fair product comparisons.
Fire Safety
ISO 9239-1
ONE-DNA™️ achieved classification BFL S1 for products with infill sand and CFL S1 for products without infill sand according ISO 9239-1 without the addition of chemical additives.
Value retention
SGS Intron’s analysis on circularity and value retention confirms that ONE-DNA™ is circular and suitable for high-quality reuse in high-quality PE applications.
Emission heavy metals
Research by SGS Intron shows that the emission of heavy metals and salts from ONE-DNA™ artificial grass is negligible and complies with emission value requirements.
Wear resistance
Aging tests conducted by SGS Intron confirm the durability of ONE-DNA™ products. Retaining their original characteristics and withstand prolonged environmental effects.
EN 71-3
ONE-DNA™ is 100% safe for children, complying with NEN-EN 71-3 standards, this norm ensures the safety of materials in toys to prevent harm to children.
Hazardous substances
EU 2013/1272
SGS Intron confirms that ONE-DNA™ products comply with EU 2013/1272 standards around PFAS and other REACH-listed substances, including PFOA, C9-14 PFCAs, PFHxS, PFBS, PFHpA).
Recycled content
NEN-EN 15343
ONE-DNA™ is available with recycled content up to 51% according to EN 15343, depending on availability. The ambition is to increase the percentage annually.


Single raw material
Reduced energy use

These assurances set ONE-DNA™ artificial grass apart from all other artificial grasses, backed by scientific evidence for maximum credibility. Transparency and demonstrable results form the basis of our approach.

ONE-DNA™ registration app

Upon completion, your project will be registered. Each registration contains all product and project information. And immediately after registration, you will receive an email with the Take Back certificate and the Warranty certificate.

Take-Back programma ONE DNA

Take-Back program

ONE-DNA Take Back programma

To prevent resource waste and reduce CO2 emissions, we aim to take back as much of our used ONE-DNA™ artificial turf as possible for high-quality recycling. The Take-Back Program ensures that used artificial turf doesn’t end up in landfills but is truly recycled and can be used in the production of new PE products. Together, we close the circle for real.

Where to buy?

Dealers & servicepartners

We collaborate with changemakers—companies that recognize the need for change, provide direction, and take action to make the artificial turf market more sustainable. By adding our ONE-DNA™ products to their portfolio, we are collectively taking a step towards a more sustainable future!