Brandveiligheid ONE-DNA-kunstgras

High Fire Safety Certification ONE-DNA™️ Artificial Grass

In our ongoing quest for innovation and safety, ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass has reached another important milestone by achieving two key fire safety ratings:

  • BFL S1 for products with sand infill
  • CFL S1 for products without sand infill

These certifications underline not only the company’s commitment to safety, but also to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Fire safety certified

ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass has undergone rigorous testing in accordance with ISO 9239-1, an international standard for determining the fire performance of floor coverings. This has resulted in the highest rating, with no chemical additives required to achieve these standards.

Why fire safe artificial grass?

Fire safety is critical in many applications, including trade shows, exhibitions and public spaces. The risk of fire and its consequences, such as damage to reputation and personal injury, can be significantly reduced by using fire retardant artificial grass.

European Standards and Certification

Artificial grass meets the stringent European standards EN 13501-1 and EN 13501-5 for the fire classification of construction products and plastics. These standards are essential to ensure safety in public and commercial areas.

Advantages of ONE-DNA™️ fire certified artificial grass

  • Flame retardant without chemical treatment
  • Suitable for events due to CFL-S1 certification
  • Fire safe solution for roofs
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Despite its safety features, artificial grass retains a natural and attractive appearance


LimeGreen® is committed to producing artificial grass solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also safe and durable. The latest fire safety certifications are proof of its commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Choose ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass where safety and sustainability go hand in hand.