Venture Play ONE-DNA-artificial-grass

Playground Update at a Leading National Campsite, UK

Venture Play has recently completed a significant refurbishment project at a prominent campsite in the West Midlands, UK, once again delivering a sustainable and engaging play area. This major upgrade focused on sustainability without compromising on fun.

 Quick Transformation

 In just two days, the Venture Play team transformed the playground. The work included replacing the existing block surfacing with timber to enhance the aesthetics of the playground. The existing wet pour surfaces were repaired to ensure safety and durability. This was followed by the installation of ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass, giving the playground a fresh and vibrant feel. Additionally, a colorful hopscotch was added, blending fun with physical activity and encouraging children to get active through play.

 Sustainable Playground Design

Venture Play’s sustainable refurbishment at this well-known campsite is a shining example of the future direction of playground design. By integrating environmentally conscious materials and preserving existing structures while adding dynamic and fun features, Venture Play is pioneering a new era of playgrounds that meet both environmental and recreational needs.

As the demand for green and safe play spaces grows, Venture Play’s innovative approach at this campsite serves as a blueprint for future sustainable playground projects and is playing a pivotal role in shaping the way communities think about and interact with outdoor play spaces.