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At a time when sustainability and functionality must go hand in hand, you need to ask yourself: Is my choice of artificial grass sustainable? Because tomorrow begins today. Think ahead, act sustainably. ONE-DNA™️ is the way forward!

At a time when sustainability and functionality must go hand in hand, you have to ask yourself: Is my choice of artificial turf sustainable?

Designed with the future in mind, ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass makes a circular future feasible and saves resources in the next life phase. ONE-DNA™️ is mono-material artificial grass and therefore fully recyclable into new high-quality PE products, thanks to its unique mono-material composition and manufacturing process. Make the switch to responsible artificial grass and contribute to a greener future in every application.

Circulair kunstgras

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1 raw material
Reduced energy use
These assurances set ONE-DNA™ artificial grass apart from all other artificial grasses, backed by scientific evidence for maximum credibility. Transparency and demonstrable results form the basis of our approach.

Apply ONE-DNA™?

Smart! Because by choosing ONE-DNA™ mono-material artificial grass, you too are working towards three sustainable SDG goals: circularity, reduced CO2 emissions and minimised use of raw materials. We want to work with Changemakers who understand the urgency of change, set the course and take concrete steps to move the artificial grass market in a more sustainable direction.


More opportunities for sports, games and physical education at your secondary school or educational institution?

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Want to bring more sport and play to your community? Then choose our sustainable surfaces with ONE-DNA™ circular artificial grass.

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Looking for the most sustainable artificial grass solution for your project? We would be happy to advise you on all the advantages of ONE-DNA™!

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Designing your event sustainably? And also ensure circular reuse? Choose ONE-DNA™ artificial grass.

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Offer your customers the most sustainable artificial grass solution? Add ONE-DNA™ to your product portfolio.

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Do you want to offer your customers sustainable solutions? You can do so by choosing our ONE-DNA™ grasses especially for gardens.

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Making a sustainable choice for your garden? Choose ONE-DNA™. Our changemakers will provide a professional installation.

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Making an impact together?

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Changemakers are companies that recognise the need for change, provide direction and take action to make the artificial grass market more sustainable. By adding our ONE-DNA™ products to their portfolio, together we are taking the step towards a more sustainable future with mono-material artificial grass!

ONE-DNA™ Animation

Discover the benefits of ONE-DNA™ in this animation. See how this groundbreaking technology paves the way towards a more sustainable future in mono-material artificial turf.

Take-Back programma ONE DNA

Take-back program

ONE-DNA Take Back programma

It is important to take back as much end-of-life ONE-DNA™ artificial grass as possible for high-quality recycling. This helps to prevent the waste of raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions. The Take-Back programme is designed to facilitate that used mono-material artificial grass does not end up in landfill, but instead can be repurposed into new PE products.

ONE-DNA™ project registration

After every ONE-DNA™ installation, our changemakers register the project. Each registration includes comprehensive product and project details. After registration, the end customer immediately receives an e-mail with the Take-Back certificate and Warranty Certificate.

Take-Back registratie app

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Look around and see how the world is changing. Do you notice the steps we are all taking towards a more sustainable future? Some steps are big, others are small, but they all bring us closer to a more sustainable future. Explore the latest news, engaging blogs, and inspiring projects featuring ONE-DNA™ artificial turf, and let yourself be inspired to embrace change together with us.