MyPlant&Garden ONE-DNA-Artificial-grass

MyPlant&Garden 2024: Formula Prato presents ONE-DNA™

Milan, Italy – MyPlant&Garden at Rho Milano-Fiera has once again proven to be the centre of innovation for landscape and green professionals. This year, Formula Prato, our Italian Changemaker, made a strong impression with the launch of ONE-DNA™ technology, marking a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable landscaping solutions.

A new era of artificial grass

In Hall 20, between the Landscaping Area and the Verde Sportivo Area, Formula Prato presented its ONE-DNA™ mono-material artificial grass, an innovative solution that prioritises both aesthetics and environmental awareness. This innovation earned the company the prestigious ‘Selected Company’ award at MyPlantTech, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and end-of-life product management.

Quality and sustainability

The exhibition was a melting pot of professionals from various sectors, including installers, gardeners, architects and urban planners. Formula Prato’s ONE-DNA™ attracted the interest of municipalities and international planners, reflecting the growing demand for eco-friendly urban development solutions. The response to ONE-DNA™ was overwhelmingly positive, underlining the industry’s appetite for sustainable options that do not compromise on durability or functionality.

Towards a greener future

Formula Prato’s participation in MyPlant&Garden 2024 has undoubtedly laid the foundations for a more sustainable future in landscaping. The successful launch of ONE-DNA™ highlights not only the potential for innovation within the industry, but also the importance of integrating environmental considerations into product design and application.

For cities and professionals looking to adopt sustainable practices while maintaining high standards of urban beauty and functionality, Formula Prato’s ONE-DNA™ offers a promising glimpse into a greener future.