ONE DNA EPD kunstgras

Dotting the i’s with ONE-DNA™: Embracing EPD Values

We are proud to announce that the first phase of the thorough Life Cycle Assessment analysis conducted by EcoReview for our ONE-DNA™ product range has now been successfully completed. This comprehensive analysis takes an in-depth look at the various environmental impacts and sets a new benchmark for our industry.

Transparency and Responsibility

Our journey towards unparalleled transparency takes a significant step forward as the LCA analysis is audited by SGS Intron. This rigorous review process will culminate in the publication of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for each ONE-DNA™ product. These declarations will soon be available on the Dutch Environmental Database and globally via, providing an unparalleled level of insight into our commitment to sustainability.

Setting New Benchmarks

The ONE-DNA™ mono-material product range has achieved a remarkable milestone – possibly the lowest Environmental Cost Indicator in the artificial grass market. This achievement comes before we have fully optimised our production process or incorporated recycled content, which promises to further improve our sustainability impact. We will, of course, share the final score soon!

Understanding EPD

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are the standard for assessing the environmental impact of a product. They provide a quantifiable environmental data profile that is essential for comparing products that fulfil the same function. By providing a clear, objective and comprehensive assessment of a product’s environmental performance, EPDs help to make informed choices towards more sustainable options.

The Life Cycle Cost (LCC) is an integral part of the EPD and represents the environmental impact in monetary terms. It covers various aspects such as raw material extraction, energy use, water consumption and potential emissions throughout the life cycle of the product.

The Way Forward

Embracing EPDs and the MKI values is the way forward in our sustainability journey. It is in line with global initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the European Union’s Circular Economy Action Plan. These frameworks emphasise the importance of reducing our environmental footprint and moving towards a more circular economy.

As we continue to innovate and inspire, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Our mission is far from complete; in fact, it is just beginning. With every step we take, we’re not just dotting the i’s of sustainability, we’re setting the course for a sustainable future for the artificial grass industry.

Together, we can make a significant difference, one blade of turf at a time. Stay tuned for more updates and join us as we continue to innovate, inspire and drive change.