Kunstgrasservice ONE-DNA-Kunstgras

Welcome Kunstgrasservice from Belgium

Kunstgrasservice, part of Proxygrass, has been a trusted name in the delivery of total artificial grass projects for gardens, balconies, roof terraces and play areas since 2014. Now they are further expanding their expertise and sustainable vision by offering our circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass in regions such as East Flanders, West Flanders and Antwerp.

Experience and Expertise

With over fifty years of combined experience, Artificial Grass Service, as part of Proxygrass, has built a reputation as specialists in artificial grass of the highest quality. Their experience ensures top quality not only in products but also in their installation, making them a reliable partner for consumers and landscapers alike. Each project and customer receives personal attention, which is essential for creating perfect green spaces.

Sustainability First

At a time when the demand for sustainable solutions is increasing, Artificial Grass Service is stepping forward by offering our innovative ONE-DNA™ artificial grass. This product is not only friendly to the environment, but also designed to be fully recycled at the end of its life. Olivier Serrien, the business manager of Artificial Grass Service, puts it this way: ‘With ONE-DNA, I can now offer the ultimate product. Happy to contribute in making the artificial grass market more sustainable.’