Shenley School ONE-DNA Artificial grass-Venture-Play

Shenley Fields Nursery School Chooses Sustainability

Shenley Fields Nursery School, a leading educational institution in Birmingham, renovated their schoolyard in 2023. Changemaker Venture Play, proud licensee of the Evergreens UK Group, transformed the schoolyard into a beautiful and safe playground with the installation of ONE-DNA™ artificial grass.

Schoolyard Transformation

This project, which took two weeks to complete, was carried out by three specialists from Venture Play. They started by removing the old, non-circular artificial grass. The next step was to renovate the subsoil to create a stable and permeable base, after which the installation of ONE-DNA™ artificial grass could begin.

Safe Play Environment

David Aldworth, Head Teacher, Shenley Fields Nursery School, was unequivocal in his assessment of the project: “We have been delighted by the service offered by Venture Play. From our very first encounter they have been reliable, courteous, professional and dedicated to meeting the needs of the children in our care. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team and I recommend them to other schools without reservation.”

Robert Jackson, Sales Director of Venture Play, shares his enthusiasm: “The school management immediately chose the sustainable solution of mono-material ONE-DNA™ artificial grass, in combination with the Take-Back program. Their satisfaction with the entire project, from advice to installation and the final result, is overwhelming. A huge thank you to their entire setup for accommodating us so diligently throughout”

A Statement for Sustainability

This schoolyard transformation at Shenley Fields Nursery School with sustainable artificial grass goes beyond a simple improvement of the play environment; it is a statement. The project demonstrates that schools can play a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness by choosing green and sustainable alternatives.

Green Future

In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, Shenley Fields Nursery School now stands at the forefront as an example of environmentally conscious and future-oriented choices. With the successful completion of this project, Venture Play has once again proven that they lead the way in offering innovative and sustainable solutions for play spaces.

The future is green, and thanks to the efforts of our Changemakers, this future is becoming more and more a reality.