ONE-DNA™️ kunstgras-Yalp-en-vario-Fields

Sustainable playground renovation in Santpoort-Noord

In Santpoort-Noord, the Netherlands, an outdated playground has been rejuvenated thanks to a close collaboration between Yalp and Vario Fields. The original state of the playground, with worn-out artificial turf, a play structure and a pit with shock-absorbing material, has been transformed into a modern play environment with a safe ONE-DNA™ artificial turf surface.

A shared passion

Vario Fields and Yalp have been working together for years and share a common passion: encouraging people to play, move, exercise and socialise. This long-standing partnership has resulted in projects that reflect the quality that Yalp always strives for.

Marcel Nijveld, Account Manager at Yalp, emphasises the importance of quality in collaborations such as the one with Vario Fields, which is also one of the reasons for the long-term partnership with the municipality of Velsen. Yalp stands for transparency: we say what we do and we do what we say. To find the best solution for this project, we worked with the community to organise a community meeting where residents could share their ideas and wishes.

The result is a playground that invites fun, movement and interaction, seamlessly integrating safety and sustainability. ONE-DNA™ mono-material artificial grass was the obvious choice!


This project in Santpoort-Noord is not only a renovation success story, but also an inspiring example of how commitment and collaboration can lead to sustainable change in our communities. It encourages people of all ages, with and without disabilities, to come together, enjoy and have fun in a healthy outdoor environment. We look forward to more initiatives like this that encourage us to discover and embrace the beauty of the outdoors.