ONE-DNA Kunstrasen Berlin-Jansenbau

JansenBau, another key player in Germany.

Great changes can sometimes be achieved by joining hands with your neighbors. That’s why we would like to introduce our new Changemaker, JansenBau. In the Berlin region, this company is the professional partner for artificial turf projects, from sales to installation, and from maintenance to turf removal.

A sustainable step

JansenBau has added our circular LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ to its product portfolio. This well-established name in the German market specializes in Garden and Play projects. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and a pleasant working environment for its team while also focusing on a sustainable product portfolio.

Kai Jansen, Managing Director of JansenBau, says: “We have been working with artificial turf for years and have always found responsible replacement and removal of the turf to be a challenge. Properly disposing of old artificial turf before installing something new was a good start for us. But with the circular ONE-DNA™ turf from LimeGreen®, we are now taking a huge, sustainable step. LimeGreen® is helping us set an entirely new standard for the responsible use of artificial turf in and around Berlin.”

Together, we set the norm

More and more artificial turf companies are taking action and adding circular ONE-DNA™ artificial turf to their portfolios. LimeGreen® CEO Jasper Eppingbroek states: “With JansenBau as a Changemaker in Germany, we are making our ONE-DNA™ solutions even more widely available to consumers, project developers, and municipalities. We are making sustainable choices in the artificial turf world increasingly the norm. Together with our Changemakers, we are bringing about significant changes, and we invite artificial turf entrepreneurs from around the world to join us. Together, we are setting the new, sustainable standard in the artificial turf industry.”