Weitzel LimeGreen ONE-DNA

Weitzel powerful new partner in Germany!

Weitzel Sportstättenbau is a great partner. With locations in Tornesch and Sternberg operating in Northern Germany, this Changemaker has been designing and constructing a wide variety of sports facilities for over 60 years. The team creates complete sports and play fields with artificial turf for amateur and competitive sports, from the public sector to Bundesliga clubs. Additionally, the company is increasingly installing artificial turf in gardens and supplying it to landscapers.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability and circularity are pillars central to the vision of Weitzel Sportstättenbau, which will incorporate LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ grass into its product portfolio. The company sees circular artificial turf as the key to truly sustainable solutions. Joachim Weitzel says, “Artificial turf offers a wide range of possibilities for sports, games, and recreation. It is playable year-round without the need for water, fertilizers, or recovery time. However, to continue offering all these benefits in a responsible manner, innovation is required. We are constantly exploring all available sustainable solutions. That’s why we are extremely pleased with this collaboration with LimeGreen® and their ONE-DNA™ products. With this circular artificial turf, we have the least possible impact on our planet’s resources.”

Circular Approach

Managing Director Martin Fehringer adds, “LimeGreen’s ONE-DNA™ artificial turf perfectly complements our sustainable product portfolio and, in combination with our years of experience, adds significant value for our customers. We are thus able to provide holistic solutions, from the substructure to the artificial turf, that embody the circular approach perfectly. This brings us much closer to our vision of a sustainable future.”


For LimeGreen®, this is another great partner to welcome as a Changemaker. More and more established companies in the global artificial turf market recognize the sustainability challenges surrounding artificial turf. They choose to make a change and join our green movement. Together with them, we inspire others in the artificial turf market to get moving!