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Transform urban roofs with EverRoof® systems

As a proud partner of Evergreens® UK, we are excited to present EverRoof® systems. These innovative solutions transform your rooftop into a multifunctional green space, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. With proven systems and flexible fixing methods, EverRoof® provides extra protection without voiding existing warranties.

EverRoof® systems create visually appealing green spaces that enhance the overall appearance of any building. The artificial grass system gives roofs a vibrant, lush look, contributing to a more attractive environment.

BROOF(T4) Fire and Wind Classification

Safety is paramount with EverRoof®. Our systems are BROOF(T4) fire and wind classified, ensuring they meet high safety standards for all flat roof types.

Enhanced Roof Longevity

Kunstgras daksysteemEverRoof® systems not only enhance your space, they also extend the life of your roof. Our proven systems and flexible fixing methods provide extra protection and ensure that existing warranties are not affected. EverRoof® provides a protective layer for your roof membrane, shielding it from UV rays, extreme weather conditions and mechanical stress. This added protection ensures that your roof stays in top condition for longer.

Versatility and Functionality

Transform your flat roof into a versatile, usable area. EverRoof®’s artificial green roof systems are suitable for all flat roof types, including warm, cold, and inverted systems. These green roofs can serve as recreational areas, gardens, or relaxation spaces, depending on your needs and available space.

Superior Insulation

The artificial grass system acts as an effective insulating layer. It helps reduce heat in the summer and retain warmth in the winter, leading to more energy-efficient buildings. Additionally, it absorbs sound, reducing noise pollution from the surrounding environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Our artificial green roof systems contribute to environmental sustainability. They help mitigate the urban heat island effect and, thanks to ONE DNA technology, are fully recyclable. With our Take-Back programme, we promote sustainability and circular practices.


Discover how EverRoof® can transform your roof into a vibrant, sustainable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting green space. We offer four solutions to meet different rooftop situations, ensuring that every client finds the perfect fit for their needs.

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