ONE-DNA Circulair kunstgras

The Future for Landscaping: Circular Artificial Grass

As a landscaper or artificial grass specialist you want to offer your customers a high-quality and sustainable solution that allows you to have a positive impact on both the environment and the future of your business?

We can imagine that it’s difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to sustainability and circularity because everyone is making claims. In this article, we try to provide you with information to make an informed choice based on facts.

ONE-DNA™ is circular artificial grass that offers quality, performance and environmental friendliness all in one. Made of 100% polyethylene (PE), designed to be easily recycled, contributing to a closed-loop cycle and a significant reduction in waste and CO2 emissions. Combined with quality and durability without compromise and the look and feel your customers demand.

Why choose ONE-DNA™?

  1. Circular and Sustainable ONE-DNA™ artificial grass is made entirely from one type of polymer, polyethylene (PE). This makes it easily and efficiently recyclable, contributing to a closed loop and a significant reduction in waste and CO2 emissions. By choosing ONE-DNA™, you contribute to a sustainable future in which raw materials are used to their maximum potential.
  2. High Quality and Natural Look & Feel Our products combine sustainability with a natural look and feel. This ensures that your customers can enjoy a beautiful green lawn that is barely distinguishable from real grass.
  3. Safety and Health ONE-DNA™ artificial grass complies with strict safety and environmental standards. Our products are tested and approved according to the EN 71-3 safety standard for toys, which means they are free of hazardous substances such as SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern). Moreover, emissions of heavy metals and salts are minimal, ensuring a safe environment for both humans and animals.
  4. Long-term Warranty and Durability Our artificial grass products have a long lifespan backed by extensive testing, including ageing tests. This means that the artificial grass retains its quality and performance, even with prolonged exposure to weather conditions.
  5. Cost-saving Take-Back Programme Our Take-Back Programme allows gardeners to return cut waste and old ONE-DNA™ artificial grass free of charge. This saves on landfill costs and directly contributes to a more sustainable future by avoiding wasted raw materials.
  6. Independent Certification ONE-DNA™ artificial grass is backed by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which means that the product’s environmental performance is fully transparent and fact-based. An EPD is prepared by independent bodies and provides detailed information on the product’s life cycle, from raw material extraction to final disposal. An EPD allows you to make informed choices based on real, verifiable data. This helps to clarify the differences between suppliers and make a conscious choice for a truly sustainable product.
  7. Support EU Sustainability Goals ONE-DNA™ artificial grass is developed in line with the EU sustainability strategy for 2030 and other EU sustainability goals such as minimising resource use, reducing CO2 emissions and working towards circularity.

Join the Green Revolution

If you want to know more, get in touch! Who knows, you might soon transform your projects into green oases of the future with ONE-DNA™. Our solutions offer not only an aesthetic and sustainable choice for your customers, but also a smart business decision for your company. By choosing circular artificial grass, you contribute to a world where raw materials are maximised and waste is minimal.

Together, we work towards a sustainable and green future!