Circulair kunstgras basisschool-Belgie

Sustainability and Fun Go Hand in Hand

Proxy Fields, one of our changemakers, recently completed a project at Mariagaarde Primary School in Borgerhout, Belgium, where the school embraces the future by opting for sustainable solutions.

The school consciously chose circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass in conjunction with our Take-Back program. But that wasn’t the only sustainable aspect; for the foundation, they opted for the innovative Ecoterra™, primarily consisting of lava.

Innovative subbase

The subbase is made with Ecoterra™, a system that largely comprises lava, this entirely natural material offers various advantages that make it ideal for various applications, including play environments. An important benefit is its ability to retain water, even in areas with unpredictable rainfall. This ensures the playground remains usable in all weather conditions. Additionally, Ecoterra™ provides a cushioning property, which is crucial for children at play. It offers a safe, soft surface for children to frolic on without the risk of serious injury. This reassuring feature is appreciated by both parents and teachers.

An Example for the Future

The choice of Mariagaarde Primary School for ONE-DNA™ artificial grass and Ecoterra™ underscores the importance of sustainability and social responsibility. These innovative solutions not only bring benefits to the school and its students but also contribute to global efforts to protect our planet.

Inspiration for Sustainability

We hope that this pioneering role will inspire others to make similar sustainable choices. Together, we can create a greener, cleaner future for the generations that follow. Mariagaarde Primary School has demonstrated that sustainability and fun can go hand in hand, a valuable lesson for us all.