ONE-DNA kunstgras Lansingerland

Second ONE DNA™ Mini-pitch in Lansingerland

After a successful first project in 2022, the municipality of Lansingerland has once again chosen circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass. A green playground with natural grass, wooden equipment, and plants couldn’t withstand the intensive use, leading to the decision to add an artificial grass soccer field. This project demonstrates how circular artificial grass complements the concept of natural play.

The green playground quickly turned into a muddy field when it rained and a dusty space when it was sunny. The grass was worn out due to the heavy use by schoolchildren and local residents. A student from the school initiated a petition, prompting the municipality to take action. Serge Meeuws, the municipality’s green manager, assessed the situation and discussed options with local residents. Once the green light was given, the project was undertaken by Changemaker KSP. On May 31, a spirited soccer match was played by students and neighbors during the grand opening, attended by Councilor Michiel Muis.

Circularity was a deciding factor

Meeuws stated, “The choice for ONE-DNA™ grass was clear. The ONE-DNA™ field we installed last year still looks fantastic. Additionally, we wanted to choose the circular aspect and the possibility of local, high-quality recycling.” Van der Velden added, “We also plan to choose ONE-DNA™ for the redevelopment of a play area where a safe surface under play equipment is required.”

ONE-DNA™ is the future

More and more municipalities and developers are opting for the creation of green play areas where natural elements play a central role. Over time, natural surfaces prove inadequate for intensive use. This is where LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ grass provides a sustainable solution: 100% circular artificial grass with a natural appearance that is extremely strong and durable. With the option of high-quality recycling and local collection when the artificial grass reaches the end of its life, this product is the perfect addition to sports and play areas.