ONE-DNA Multisports-field

Proxy Fields opts for ONE-DNA™ artificial grass

A new name in the Belgian market: Proxy Fields. As part of the Proxy Group, which also includes the branches of Kunstgrascenter, Proxy Fields will fully focus on Play projects in Belgium. The company will use the circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass from LimeGreen® for these projects, aiming to create sustainable play areas for municipalities, schools, foundations, and organizations. This collaboration between Proxy Fields and LimeGreen® brings synergy on multiple fronts.

Sustainable Play Areas

Municipalities and school communities are increasingly opting for sports and play areas made from sustainable materials. LimeGreen®’s circular artificial grass provides an excellent foundation for such projects. Yannis Horemans, the owner, stated, “With an innovative game-changer like Limegreen, we are definitively turning the page on artificial grass as we know it. This strong partnership demonstrates that things can be done differently, making us the first in Belgium and in our sector to commit to becoming completely carbon-neutral within a maximum of three years.”

Maximum Synergy with LimeGreen®

The introduction of Proxy Fields expands the Proxy Group’s market and its ability to offer sustainable solutions in Belgium. The extensive experience in garden projects from Kunstgrascenter is now complemented with expertise in sports fields, play areas, playgrounds, and schoolyards. Knowledge and experience will be shared between Proxy Fields and LimeGreen®, along with their specialized Changemakers.

Jasper Eppingbroek said, “This is an excellent example of collaboration within the market. Together with our Changemakers, we work toward a single goal: making artificial grass projects possible in the most responsible and future-oriented way. We do this by offering a circular product and exchanging installation knowledge. We provide more than just a product; we are building a green network of Changemakers focused on the future.”