LimeGreen ONE-DNA Kunstgras (1)

Progress is impossible without change!

In 2022, LimeGreen® launched ONE-DNA™ artificial grass, a recyclable synthetic turf designed for landscapers and artificial grass installers creating (play) gardens and small sports fields. Now that production has been scaled up, LimeGreen’s partners, also known as Changemakers, are ready to roll out the artificial grass on a large scale.

Fully recyclable

While the market for artificial turf sports fields has already been working to address waste disposal through the growth of the renovation market, this issue has only recently appeared on the agenda for most players in the recreational artificial grass market, such as for gardens and play areas. LimeGreen® aims to change this and introduced ONE-DNA™ artificial grass last year.

ONE-DNA™ is a fully recyclable artificial grass mat made from just one material, polyethylene. This is in contrast to other artificial grasses that are composed of multiple raw materials. These may include a combination of PE and PP fibers or the addition of coating materials like latex, polyurethane (PU), or PP coating to attach the fibers to the backing. The ONE-DNA™ artificial grass mat can be easily recycled after its lifespan!

Sustainable position for artificial grass

“We have been active in the artificial grass market since 2007 and have become increasingly aware of the opportunities and challenges that this market brings,” explains Ed Donkers. “We offer great solutions for gardens, playgrounds, and sports fields, but we realized that something needed to change in the product itself. Traditional artificial grass is difficult to recycle, and the recycled product has less purity and quality, making it less versatile for new products and losing raw material value.

LimeGreen® collaborates with partner parties known as Changemakers who share the same philosophy and dedication to transform the artificial grass market and act from this motivation.