KSP en LimeGreen gaan samenwerken

KSP chooses for the future with ONE-DNA™

More and more European industries are taking innovation seriously to contribute to achieving the Green Deal objectives. For the global artificial grass market, LimeGreen® is now introducing fully circular play artificial grass. This artificial grass is made from 100% a single polymer and is produced with high energy efficiency. Supplier and installation company KSP has taken notice of this innovation and is adding LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ to its product portfolio, making circular artificial grass available to its customers and dealers.

Sustainable goals of KSP

KSP, founded in 2006, holds a leading position in the Netherlands with two locations in supplying, installing, and maintaining ground surfaces and play fields with artificial grass. The company is actively working on making its processes and products more sustainable. “We are continuously looking for ways to reduce our own CO2 emissions. We have made significant investments in equipment. Since 2019, we have been using electric machinery, including electric forklifts and electric hand tools. Our company cars and trucks run on Euro 6,” says Joost Sweep, owner of KSP. The company utilizes solar panels on the office and charging stations on the company premises. Cars and machinery are charged with self-generated electricity. With these and other measures, KSP achieves level 5 of the CO2 performance ladder.

In its product offering, KSP also incorporates as many sustainable choices as possible. The company already works with impact attenuation surfaces made from recycled materials and infill sand from GBN. By adding LimeGreen®’s circular artificial grass to its product portfolio, KSP is opting for an environmentally friendly top layer.

LimeGreen® as the missing link

LimeGreen® is proud of its collaboration with KSP, a well-known name in the Netherlands for the realization of high-quality sports and play surfaces. The company has already made significant strides in sustainable entrepreneurship. “The fact that KSP has chosen LimeGreen® and recognizes the significant value of our circular product gives us confidence and motivates us to bring more Changemakers into our green movement,” says Jasper Eppingbroek, director of LimeGreen®. “Being the missing link in fully sustainable systems at a company like KSP demonstrates that our circular ONE-DNA™ is a crucial addition to the market.