Green Deal

‘Green Deal’ leaves no stone unturned

With the European Union’s Green Deal, Europe and the world are set in motion. Europe aims to become the first climate-neutral continent, requiring swift and substantial actions. For manufacturing industries, this means reducing CO2 emissions to ultimately reach zero by 2050. It also involves transitioning to circular usage and minimizing resource consumption.


The artificial grass market faces significant challenges in this context, but one new producer is already making significant progress: LimeGreen® is leading the way with circular landscape artificial grass. The company offers a much-needed and innovative solution. Driven by personal commitment and conviction, the LimeGreen® team collaborates with partners both within and outside the artificial grass industry.

ONE-DNA™ is our future

Since 2003, landscape artificial grass has been used in gardens, on and around school playgrounds, in public spaces, and on balconies and terraces. In the Netherlands alone, approximately 1.5 million square meters of artificial turf are laid annually between natural green landscapes and buildings. Where natural grass doesn’t grow or is overly stressed, landscape artificial grass fulfills a specific user need. But how can this product be made with fewer resources and less energy without compromising quality? Jasper Eppingbroek, Director of LimeGreen® in Lichtenvoorde, presents the solution with circular landscaping artificial grass: “Within five years, the entire artificial grass industry will only install fields consisting of a single material DNA. And we are already doing this now.