Limegreen en evergreens UK

Evergreens has joined as a Changemaker

LimeGreen® welcomes Evergreens UK Group as a new Changemaker in its green artificial grass movement. This British artificial grass specialist has an extensive distribution network in the UK, a training center, and has completed projects for major brands such as Adidas, Nike, Audi, and Vodafone. By adding 100% circular artificial grass from LimeGreen® to its product portfolio, Evergreens UK Group takes a significant step in its Evergreener™ sustainability initiative.

A shared mission

To achieve the global climate transition, manufacturing industries need to take action and reduce their CO2 emissions to ultimately zero. They must also work towards making resource use more circular and minimizing it. LimeGreen® sees this as a shared mission for the global artificial grass market. By making its 100% circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass available to others, LimeGreen® is driving change in the artificial grass market. Evergreens UK Group has brought together its activities, sustainable goals, and steps in the Evergreener™ sustainability initiative. In this initiative, the 100% circular artificial grass from LimeGreen® is a perfect addition.

Motivating step

Andy Driver, Evergreens UK Group sales & marketing director, is excited about the new partnership: “We are thrilled to introduce products with 100% circularity through this collaboration. This product addresses end-of-life issues and opens a new dialogue across the industry. But we recognize that there is more to be done – this is a next step in our mission for change as part of our Evergreener™ program for 2023.”

LimeGreen® director Jasper Eppingbroek: “We are pleased that our ONE-DNA™ product is a direct addition for Evergreens UK Group. They are just as ambitious and driven as we are to transform the artificial grass market. Together with them, we demonstrate that achieving sustainable goals is no longer just theory but a daily practice. There is no time to wait. This partnership motivates us to accelerate our green movement even further.

About Evergreens

Since 1987, Evergreens has been working with a dedicated team to deliver top-quality products and exceptional service. Through three divisions, Evergreens provides the largest range of artificial grass to consumers, contractors, and traders. With LazyLawn®, EverRoof®, and, Evergreens’ artificial grass covers lawn gardens, events, playgrounds, recreational spaces, and rooftop gardens. Evergreens UK Group is committed to ongoing R&D to further develop the artificial grass market.