Ecovia Turf Stephen Frappel

Ecovia Turf introduces ONE-DNA™ in Australia

We are proud to introduce Ecovia Turf from Queensland, Australia. Founded by Stephen Frappel, based in Brisbane, Ecovia Turf has ambitious green goals. With many years of experience in the artificial grass industry, Stephen reflects our values as he takes the first steps to transform the artificial grass industry in Australia into a circular economy.

Behind the Curve

Ecovia Turf serves customers for all types of applications, from real estate developers to municipalities, universities, sports clubs, and gardens. Owner Stephen Frappell sees the need for change as unprecedented: “Australia is known for being ‘behind the curve’ when it comes to recycling. Stephen has been working in the artificial grass industry since 2010 and has seen a significant amount of artificial grass at the ‘end of life’ go to landfills due to limited alternatives. That needs to change; we need to provide environmentally friendly products without compromising on quality and functionality. LimeGreen® now offers the ONE-DNA™ solution we’ve been waiting for.”

Responsible Choices

Most artificial grass companies are not aware of the enormous problem and global impact of the products in this industry on the environment. Ecovia Turf can now offer its customers the choice to reduce the impact of the artificial grass industry on the environment by carefully selecting more responsible products. This way, customers can continue to enjoy the great benefits of artificial grass in the most responsible way possible. In addition, Ecovia Turf collaborates with local recyclers for its offcuts and end-of-life grass, so this grass can be processed into new usable raw materials.

On a Mission for Change

Ecovia Turf’s motivation for change is also an important message for LimeGreen® Brand Director Ed Donkers. “While we talk a lot with European Changemakers about the European Green Deal and the goals associated with it, the challenge we all face is global. That’s why we’re very pleased that more and more key players and experienced individuals outside of Europe are also partnering with us. This collaboration with Ecovia Turf once again shows that our green movement is growing. And this is just the beginning.”