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Nordic Surface is a well-established name in Sweden for the complete construction of playgrounds and public spaces. The company aims to build the best playgrounds in the world, emphasizing sustainability and innovation.

Nordic Surface is a full-service company specializing in the construction and installation of playgrounds in public spaces. Engagement, dedication, and curiosity are at the forefront of every project. We take great pride in our process, guiding our customers from concept to play value, ensuring proper maintenance for longevity and quality, with a focus on simplicity and thoughtfulness. We are thrilled to now introduce them to a sustainable approach to the artificial turf products we apply.

" Nordic Surface has always strived to lead in the development and implementation of new products in our market. We believe these are the right steps to make a difference. As Changemakers, we are making a difference together with LimeGreen. With their outstanding products and dedication, we are working towards a responsible and robust future for our industry. "
- Erik Wallén Widell - Managing Director
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Snickarvägen 5E
13238 Saltsjö-Boo

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