KSP Kunstgras Lelystad

KSP kunstgras

KSP, founded in 2006, holds a leading position in supplying, installing, and maintaining artificial grass surfaces and playfields with locations in Lelystad and Vinkel. The company is actively working to make its processes and products more sustainable, achieving level 5 on the CO2 performance ladder with various measures.

In its product offering, KSP incorporates as many sustainable choices as possible. The company already uses impact-absorbing surfaces made from recycled materials and infill sand from GBN. By adding LimeGreen®’s circular artificial grass to its product portfolio, KSP is opting for a highly sustainable top layer.

" Circularity is the future, and that's why we are constantly working towards making our operations and products more sustainable and circular. "
- Joost Sweep / Director
KSP Kunstgras

Vijzelweg 16
8243 PM Lelystad

+31 (0)320 214 145

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