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GardenGrass chooses the future with circular artificial grass by incorporating LimeGreen® into its product offering. With this move, GardenGrass takes a significant step in making its product portfolio more sustainable.

GardenGrass is a distributor of artificial grass for gardens, events, playgrounds, and small sports fields. As a total supplier, the company serves an extensive network of artificial grass specialists and landscapers in the Netherlands. Through this partnership, GardenGrass makes circular artificial grass available to consumers and artificial grass processing companies in the Netherlands, further driving the artificial grass market forward. GardenGrass Director Mart Sweep says, ‘We are very pleased with this circular addition to our product portfolio. We also notice that there is an increasing demand in the market for more sustainable solutions.

" We are happy to play the role of a changemaker as one of the four distributors in the Netherlands. By joining forces, we ensure that circular artificial grass becomes even more widely available and accessible "
- Mart Sweep / Eigenaar

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