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Ecovia Turf ONE-DNA artificial-grass
Ecovia Turf ONE DNA

Ecovia Turf in Queensland, Australia has significant green ambitions. They serve customers for all possible applications with artificial turf, from developers to municipalities, universities, sports organizations, and homeowners. Owner Stephen Frappell understands the urgency for change like no other: “Australia is known for being ‘behind the curve’ when it comes to recycling. He has been working in the artificial turf industry since 2010, and I have seen a considerable amount of low-quality artificial turf go to landfills at the ‘end of its life’ because there are few alternatives. That needs to change.

" Change is necessary. With ONE-DNA™, we can now offer a solution we've been waiting for: environmentally friendly products without compromising on quality and functionality. "
- Stephen Frappell / Director
Stephen Frappell Ecovia-Turf

146 Rickertt Rd
QLD 4154 Ransome

+61 422 257 729

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