Amazon ONE DNA kunstgras-Venture-Play

Amazon’s Green Oasis: A Transformation by Venture Play

A beautiful transformation has taken place in the heart of Milton Keynes, England. Amazon, a name synonymous with innovation, has once again demonstrated its commitment to employee welfare and environmental sustainability. Management was looking for a green and sustainable alternative to the once boring outdoor space with car parks surrounding the office.

Green Initiatives

In their search for the most sustainable solution, Amazon’s team chose Venture Play’s expertise. The mission was clear: green the boring outdoor space and create a ‘break out’ space that both improves employee health and well-being and reflects Amazon’s commitment to growth and environmental awareness.

Venture Play took on this challenge with ONE-DNA™ Artificial Grass, which stands out for its fully recyclable design combined with the Take-Back program, whereby the used artificial grass will be taken back and recycled at the end of its useful life, creating a closed loop.

Looking Ahead

Venture Play is continuing their green mission. They are already in advanced talks for the nationwide rollout of similar green projects. Their work in Milton Keynes represents not only their professionalism but also a model for sustainable business initiatives. In partnership with Amazon, Venture Play is proving that incorporating green elements into the working environment can have a positive impact on the well-being of employees, while at the same time representing a step forward in corporate responsibility.