Sustainable playground at Belgian school

A beautiful, sustainable play environment has recently been created at the Esdoornschool in Hombeek, Belgium, thanks to the successful collaboration between Proxy Fields and YALP. This project is a prime example of how sustainability can play a central role in playground design.

A key element of the project is the use of the innovative Replayable™ surfacing system. This system, made entirely from natural materials and minerals, combines water buffering and shock absorption without compromising stability.

The Replayable system consists of three main layers:

  • Ecoterra™ Substrate: Made entirely from natural materials, this layer provides an optimal blend of water permeability and shock absorption without compromising stability.
  • ProPlay® Shockpad: A Schmitz Foam innovation that works with the artificial turf to provide a safe playing surface. The circular nature of this component, which is recycled from previous shockpads, underlines the sustainability of the project.
  • ONE-DNA™ artificial grass: This mono-material artificial grass is made from 100% polyethylene and underlines the commitment to environmental awareness through its complete recyclability.

This project is more than just a playground; it represents a fusion of innovation, sustainability and community spirit that aims to create a safe and educational play environment for children while respecting our planet. The collaboration between Proxy Fields and YALP demonstrates that meaningful change in playground development can be achieved through collaborative efforts with a focus on sustainability.