ONE-DNA kunstgras veiligheid

Why ONE-DNA™ Circular artificial grass

Since 2006, we have been active in the artificial grass market. Over the years, we have become increasingly aware of the possibilities and challenges that artificial grass presents. We create fantastic solutions for gardens, sports fields, and playgrounds, but there was a need for change in the product. The composition of artificial grass was not conducive to recycling, and recycling artificial grass for garden applications was often unregulated, leading to the disposal of end-of-life grass in landfills or incinerators.

How to bring about change?

How can we make artificial grass more sustainable in the landscaping and play markets? Through rigorous innovation! Artificial grass must be produced with less energy and fewer raw materials, and high-quality recycling of the product must become possible. With LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ artificial grass, we make these objectives demonstrably achievable; circular artificial grass, produced in the most energy-efficient manner. It’s an inevitable step towards essential sustainability in the coming decade.

Proven circular

To objectively determine the value retention of our products, we commissioned SGS Intron as an independent testing and certification institute to verify the single-polymer composition of LimeGreen® and the absence of hazardous substances (SVHC). These aspects are essential to prove the circularity of ONE-DNA™ products. ONE-DNA™ means that the products are produced from a single type of polymer: polyethylene (PE).

The analysis by SGS Intron (A133330/O20220953) shows that our product is 100% circular. It can be reused in high-quality PE applications such as new artificial grass, as well as in other products with similar values. This results in full recycling, not downcycling.