Vario Fields LimeGreen

We proudly present Vario Fields as changemaker!

Vario Fields in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands now includes our ONE-DNA™ artificial grass in their product range. We’ve teamed up with a significant changemaker who has chosen our circular and energy-efficient artificial grass. Together with Vario, we’re taking another step forward in our green movement within the artificial grass market.

Fields of Happiness

Since 2006, Vario Fields has been specializing in recreational outdoor spaces. With a team of over 20 specialists, they design and construct projects that allow people to enjoy beautiful lawns and challenging playgrounds and multi-sport fields. Every day, they bring joy to people across the Netherlands with colorful and safe outdoor projects.

We are incredibly proud to offer our customers LimeGreen’s circular products. In our operations, we are working towards achieving level 5 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. This circular product will play a significant role in obtaining this certification within our projects.

Frank Toebes, Managing Director at Vario

Sustainable Business

Vario aims to provide sustainable solutions and strives for carbon-neutral business practices. The company is continually working to make its product portfolio more sustainable. LimeGreen® is now being used in their Landscaping and Play projects. As a supplier, Vario serves a vast dealer network throughout the Netherlands, making LimeGreen® even more widely available to other landscapers, specialist installation companies, and homeowners.