Just diggit Limegreen

Proud of our partnership with Justdiggit!

Because of the production of landscape artificial grass from a single material DNA, LimeGreen® has succeeded in introducing all its fields in a material-technical circular manner. Moreover, this innovative production method saves a substantial 90 percent of the energy that was previously required for the assembly of the artificial grass carpet from fibers and backing. LimeGreen® now systematically offsets the remaining CO2 emissions through its new partnership with Justdiggit. This supports Justdiggit’s green initiatives in Africa: ‘Cooling the Earth by helping to green Africa.’

Green compensation

Jasper Eppingbroek, Director of LimeGreen® in Lichtenvoorde, is enthusiastic about the new partnership: “Through our partnership with Justdiggit, we achieve tangible results for green compensation of our remaining CO2 emissions. In the first three years, this involves an African greening area of ​​no less than 1,200,000 square meters of land surface. In the coming period until 2025, we will jointly restore 5,100 trees and provide on-site capture and buffering of 78 million liters of rainwater. This has a local positive impact on the lives of at least 600 people. Moreover, it already has a positive effect on our team here, as internal engagement is significant! We are extremely proud of this initiative. To start with, we compensate for about 990 tons of verified CO2 emissions. This is our first concrete step towards the green initiatives of Justdiggit and ourselves.”


Before 2030, LimeGreen® aims to produce and deliver all of its landscape artificial grass entirely CO2-neutral, including logistics and (re)installation of fields in gardens, on and around schoolyards, in public spaces, and on balconies and terraces. Jasper Eppingbroek explains: “My firm impression is that within five years, the artificial grass market will no longer install fields that consist of more than one material DNA.