ONE-DNA Kunstgras Purmerend

Municipality chooses most sustainable playground

When old playgrounds are in need of renovation, municipalities and project developers are increasingly opting for sustainable solutions. In the municipality of Purmerend, this playground was renovated by Changemaker KSP Kunstgras. The realization with sustainable components and materials was an important starting point for the municipality. They wanted to continue reaping the significant benefits of artificial turf but in a responsible manner.

KSP Kunstgras provided a completely circular impact-absorbing surface for the municipality: “We used a sand foundation with circular foam on top, enclosed by circular plastic edging strips. The top layer consists of circular LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ artificial turf. This demonstrates how sustainable an impact-absorbing system can be!”

Using Artificial Turf Responsibly

The municipality of Purmerend chose artificial turf for two reasons. Niels Konijn, project manager for the Municipality of Purmerend, explains: “We prefer to use as many natural materials as possible, but the playground is located between residential blocks and experiences heavy use. Additionally, it was crucial for us to use the most sustainable materials for this renovation. Ideally, in a completely sustainable system. We had concerns about traditional artificial turf due to its poor recyclability and heavy carbon footprint. When we saw LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ grass, we were immediately very enthusiastic. LimeGreen® offers an excellent circular solution, allowing us to harness the benefits of artificial turf in the most responsible way.”

Working Together for a Greener Future

With our ONE-DNA™ artificial turf, we are driving change in the artificial turf market. Our products enable new sustainable systems, reducing the need for raw materials and energy. If you’d like to join us and learn more about our circular solutions, please send us a message