TeBe sports Lars-Solberg-ONE-DNA-Kunstgras

TeBe Sport = ONE-DNA™ + local recycling

We are honored to introduce TeBe Sport. This Norwegian Changemaker from Trondheim focuses on Play and Multisport. However, through their national partner network, they will also strive to make ONE-DNA™ the natural choice for landscapers. The ONE-DNA™ product, with its unique features, combined with the Take-Back program and high-quality processing through local recycling, will help make artificial turf a more acceptable and widely used product. TeBe Sport is a fantastic new partner who shares our motivation to promote green change in the artificial turf market.

Installation, maintenance & recycling

TeBe Sport is a well-established name in Norway, founded in 2007. With over 65 years of experience, the company focuses on the installation, service, and maintenance of sports facilities, as well as recycling. The company carries out many sports and multisport projects with artificial turf. In addition, TeBe Sport has set up an extensive recycling branch called All Sports Recycled, which handles the collection and recycling of artificial turf mats at clubs and municipalities throughout Norway. The choice of LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ aligns perfectly with TeBe Sport’s philosophy.

TeBe is happy to take the lead

Lars Solberg, Director at TeBe Sport: ‘We always strive to do better and take the lead when change is needed. Together with LimeGreen® and its ONE-DNA™ solutions, we can now offer a 100% circular product with a great operational value proposition that benefits both the end customer and the environment. As a recycler and installer, we are at the forefront of managing end-of-life grass for Landscape and Play. With this, we hope to inspire and drive sustainable changes in the market.’

Closing the loop in Norway

TeBe Sport operates throughout Norway, with a particular focus on the central and northern regions of the country. Through its partner network, the company will also make ONE-DNA™ grass available to other parties in the Norwegian market. LimeGreen® Director Jasper Eppingbroek: ‘We are thrilled to see that large, established names in the artificial turf market from around the world are willing to join our green movement. With TeBe Sport, we have a new partner that has already established local collection and recycling. This allows us to offer our ONE-DNA™ products directly in a fully circular manner. A great example of how our circular product comes to life in collaboration with Changemakers and their own sustainable initiatives.'”