ONE-DNA kunstgras School Antwerpen

Sustainable play at kindergarten in Antwerp

Sint-Agnes Kindergarten in Antwerp is the largest preschool in the region, with approximately 450 preschoolers. Part of the playground, where the preschoolers enjoy playing during short breaks, was covered with natural grass. However, when it rained, the grass quickly turned into a muddy mess, and during dry spells, it became a dusty surface. Moreover, the play area was intensively used, leading to rapid grass damage, and the preschoolers were often unable to play there.

Choosing Sustainable Materials

That’s when Mrs. Frie De Wijn, the school’s principal, decided to contact Proxy Fields and opt for a sustainable solution with LimeGreen ONE DNA Elan 35. This decision was aligned with the school’s commitment to sustainability and its conscious choice of responsible materials and partners. This project, executed by Proxy Fields in close collaboration with Sint-Agnes Kindergarten, is a step towards a more sustainable future for the preschoolers and the school community.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass offers numerous advantages for the preschoolers at Sint-Agnes Kindergarten. Firstly, the preschoolers can now enjoy a play paradise all year round, as ONE DNA Elan artificial grass can withstand intensive use. Even during rainy weather, the play area remains accessible and clean, without the preschoolers bringing in sand and mud or dirtying their clothes. Additionally, LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ is durable and low-maintenance. It stays green throughout the year without the need for pesticides or artificial fertilizers to keep it in good condition. This contributes to the school’s efforts to create an environmentally-conscious and sustainable environment for their preschoolers.

“It’s wonderful to see how the preschoolers can now play all year round without worrying about the state of the play area,” says Mrs. Frie De Wijn, enthusiastic about the collaboration with Proxy Fields and the choice of LimeGreen ONE DNA. “The artificial grass is not only durable and low-maintenance, but it also looks beautiful. It aligns perfectly with our vision of sustainability and making conscious choices for responsible materials and partners.”

Take Back Program

Through LimeGreen®’s Take-Back program, we also ensure that ONE-DNA™ artificial grass is collected for recycling. This program ensures that the grass is recycled and can be used as raw material for new artificial grass and other high-quality PE products. This joint effort contributes to the global transition towards greater circularity, reduced CO2 emissions, and more efficient use of resources.