Circulaire valondergronden

Seminar Circular Solutions for leading Dutch companies

On 8 February, KSP Kunstgras organised an inspiring seminar on circular solutions for Play, bringing together leading Dutch companies. The event, held at Almere City FC, served as a platform for discussion and cooperation within the sector of multifunctional and safe surfaces.

The afternoon session, opened by Joost Sweep of KSP Kunstgras, highlighted various facets of circular solutions. He shared insights not only on his company’s progress in sustainability, but also on the various initiatives within operations, projects and the chain. These initiatives, aimed at achieving the level 5 CO2 performance ladder, highlighted the potential for gains through energy savings, increased use of renewable energy and more efficient use of materials.

Circular solutions

Ron Lokhorst of Schmitz Foam presented the latest developments in shock pads, while Jasper Eppingbroek explained the benefits of mono-material synthetic turf, known as ONE-DNA™️. Jan Kolijn closed the session with an in-depth analysis of the recycling challenges within the current artificial turf industry and why single raw material products are a more sustainable solution.

Strong together

The presence of leading Dutch companies underlined the importance of working together for a more sustainable future. Together, let us continue to strive for a world where circularity is the standard and we value our planet for generations to come.