ONE-DNA kunstgras Björknäs Nordic-Surface-3

Schoolyard transformation by Nordic Surface

Nordic Surface, a specialist in creating complete playgrounds, has recently successfully completed the project at the Björknäs preschool in Nacka, Stockholm. They opted for the innovative ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass to renovate the playground. This project highlights the trend in Sweden where artificial grass provides a versatile, sustainable alternative to gravel, stone, or asphalt, which can be unsafe for children. Artificial grass offers a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable play environment. With this, Nordic Surface demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and the creation of safe and attractive play areas.

Safe play and fun

At the heart of this transformation was the installation of ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass. The first step involved replacing the existing ground with a new base to ensure optimal drainage and equipping the area with shock pads for safe play. Previously, the schoolyard was a mix of gravel, stones, and asphalt – materials not conducive to a child-friendly play environment. The introduction of artificial grass has significantly uplifted the space, making it more inviting and enjoyable for children.

Nordic Surface’s choice to work with innovative products like ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass reflects their dedication to high standards and sustainable solutions. This commitment aligns well with the stringent requirements of Stockholm’s educational institutions, which prioritize environmental responsibility in their infrastructure choices. By selecting ONE-DNA™️, Nordic Surface successfully met these high standards, offering a solution that is both eco-friendly and functional.

Sustainable choice

Nordic Surface’s project at Björknäs pre-school is more than just a playground renovation; it’s a testament to the possibilities of sustainable and innovative urban planning. By embracing eco-friendly materials like ONE-DNA™️ artificial grass, Nordic Surface has set a new standard for playgrounds and public spaces, prioritizing both environmental sustainability and the well-being of the community’s youngest members.

Community Response

The project’s success is evident in the overwhelmingly positive response from the Nacka Municipality and the school’s administration. The transformation of the Björknäs pre-school’s schoolyard has been well-received, with many appreciating the enhanced safety, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability of the new play area. This project not only signifies a step forward in playground design but also showcases the potential of innovative, eco-conscious solutions in public spaces.