ONE-DNA circulair kunstgras school

School opts for sustainable combination

At Elementary school de Klimop in Lintelo, the tone has been set for many other sustainable playgrounds in and around schools. This school foundation wanted a sustainable new design for the schoolyard. With three circular fall surfaces made of LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ artificial grass and sustainable play equipment from Kompan, this goal was achieved in a groundbreaking way.

Green play becomes the norm

More and more municipalities and school communities are opting for playgrounds and sports fields with sustainable raw materials and materials. Green playgrounds are preferred, but it is also becoming increasingly clear that natural grass has no chance. Due to intensive trampling and play activity, the grass quickly turns into a brown sand area with mud and holes. Our circular artificial grass is the perfect complement to this.

Safe play on circular artificial grass

LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ Play grass is sustainably produced in the Netherlands and consists of 100% one polymer. This makes the grass fully recyclable without any loss of value at the end of its lifespan. This makes it ideal for use on sustainable playgrounds where natural grass has no chance. And in this project at Basisschool de Klimop, it becomes clear how sustainable a playground can really be by using Kompan’s climbing equipment. A powerful combination of surfaces and equipment that together enable a fully sustainable system.