ONE-DNA Nutsschool Oldenzaal

School chooses circular artificial grass

A wonderful example of how LG ONE-DNA™ Play grass seamlessly fits into green schoolyards. At Nutsschool Oldenzaal, they chose to incorporate LG Play into the design of a new green schoolyard, reaping numerous sustainable benefits. It’s the best of both worlds in one schoolyard!

Green Schoolyards

More and more schools opt for green schoolyards when renovating their playgrounds. These are schoolyards designed with as many natural elements and plants as possible, while also providing space for sports and games to encourage physical activity. Many green schoolyards have found that play areas and ground surfaces made of natural grass or materials tend to wear out quickly due to the demands of play. This is where ONE-DNA™ LG Play comes in as the perfect solution.

By using ONE-DNA™ LG Play artificial grass in a green schoolyard, we combine the best of both worlds. Surfaces that receive heavy use remain in top condition and usable year-round. Niek Withag, a teacher at Nutsschool, explains: “We chose artificial grass so that students can use the play area throughout the year. In every class, there are students who enjoy playing soccer or hockey. Our experience is that a natural grass field wears out too quickly and turns into a dusty or muddy field in rainy weather.”

Circular Artificial Grass: The Perfect Addition to Green Play

Circular ONE-DNA™ LG Play artificial grass is the ideal addition to green schoolyards. Niek Withag adds: “The fact that it consists of only one material makes LimeGreen® an attractive choice. Especially in today’s times, where we focus on our ecological footprint, LimeGreen might be the best of both worlds. It saves energy in the production process, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. So far, we are very positive about it. Both our own feedback and the reactions from the community indicate that the play area blends beautifully into our green schoolyard.