Formula Prato ONE DNA artificial turf

Formula Prato introduces ONE-DNA™ artificial grass in Italy

Formula Prato, a leading player in the Italian artificial grass industry, is adding LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ to its product portfolio. This circular product is now being made available to the network of artificial grass installation companies, schools, and municipalities. This development marks another significant milestone in the transition toward sustainability within the artificial grass market.

Pioneering in Italy

Formula Prato is a highly experienced company with fifteen years of activity in the industry. With a focus on central and northern Italy, Formula Prato serves as a service point for artificial grass specialists and landscapers from Cesentanico. As consultants, they work closely with municipalities and schools in the realization of complete playgrounds and multi-sport fields, with the team handling design and project management. For the execution of all projects, the company collaborates with various external installation teams.

Sustainable Choices

Owner Marziano Massoni is excited about this sustainable expansion of Formula Prato’s product portfolio: “It’s time for change, this market is ready for ONE-DNA™. We look forward to bringing this product to the attention of municipalities and architects, as more and more municipalities in parts of Italy are focusing on sustainability.” LimeGreen® Director Jasper Eppingbroek is also pleased with the introduction of ONE-DNA™ to the Italian market: “In other countries, too, we see that making a circular alternative available also leads to more sustainable choices when realizing projects. The demand for circular playgrounds, sports fields, and landscape solutions is only growing. We are very happy that Italy will now be introduced to ONE-DNA™ grass as a sustainable alternative to traditional artificial grass.”