ONE-DNA Kunstgras Antwerp

ONE-DNA™ for Ukrainian children in Antwerp

In the city of Antwerp, a emergency village for Ukrainian war refugees has been opened since May. For the complete setup of this village, Yo Engelen of E-demonstrations was called in. Recently, the city of Antwerp had an additional request: the construction of a versatile playground for the children in the village. Engelen wanted to realize this project as sustainably as possible and chose Proxy Fields. Proxy Fields then created a sustainable and future-proof playground with circular artificial turf from LimeGreen®. An example of truly future-oriented site development.

First ONE-DNA™ playground in Antwerp

With the EU’s Green Deal, Europe and the world must take sustainable steps. Europe aims to become the first climate-neutral continent, and action is required. For manufacturing industries, this means reducing CO2 emissions to zero by 2050. And working towards circular use and minimizing resource use. Increasingly, artificial turf companies are becoming aware of the need for sustainability in their industry. Artificial turf can no longer end up on the waste pile. That’s why the Dutch LimeGreen® introduced circular artificial turf. And the Flemish installation company Proxy Fields built the very first ONE-DNA™ sports field in Antwerp.

Play on ONE-DNA™ artificial turf

The City of Antwerp’s wish was for a sustainable playground that offers challenges with different types of games. Not only for Ukrainian children staying in the Antwerp emergency village, but also for children from the surrounding area. The members of the Wilrijk scouting group will also make grateful use of these facilities. With a football field on one side and play equipment with impact-safe surfaces on the other side, this wish has been fulfilled. The surfaces consist of circular ONE-DNA™ artificial turf from LimeGreen®. A groundbreaking alternative to traditional artificial turf, which for the first time offers municipalities a truly sustainable solution; lower CO2 emissions, less resource use, and 100% recyclability through the special take-back program. This means that the turf will be collected for processing at recycling companies at the end of its life.

Circular playgrounds will become the norm

LimeGreen®’s artificial turf consists of only one polymer and is therefore fully recyclable after years of use. In addition, the production process emits much less CO2, thanks to efficient processes powered by green energy. Proxy Fields fully embraced circular artificial turf this year and wants to set the tone for future projects in Flemish municipalities.