Nordic Surface and LimeGreen®-ONE-DNA™

Nordic Surface chooses ONE-DNA™ artificial grass

LimeGreen® is partnering with another significant international Changemaker: Nordic Surface from Sweden. Nordic Surface will be incorporating LimeGreen®’s circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass into its product portfolio. Nordic Surface is a well-established name in the creation of complete playgrounds and public spaces, with a commitment to building the world’s best playgrounds in the most sustainable and innovative way possible.

Taking Big Steps

More and more full-service companies working with artificial grass recognize the urgency and opportunities of circular artificial grass. This is crucial because industries must take action on a large scale to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Within the framework of the European Green Deal, these emissions must be reduced to zero by 2050, which already requires significant steps today. LimeGreen® has developed 100% circular artificial grass, consisting of only one polymer and produced with energy efficiency in mind. The company has initiated a green movement within the artificial grass industry, and artificial grass processing companies around the world are eager to join.

Building the World’s Best Playgrounds

Nordic Surface, based in Sweden, is a full-service company specializing in the construction and installation of playgrounds and public spaces. Nordic Surface states, “We want to build the world’s best playgrounds! We are very proud of our process, which takes our customers from idea to play value and provides the right maintenance for long-term durability and quality, with simplicity and thoughtfulness as our guiding principles. It’s fantastic that we can now also introduce them to a sustainable approach to the artificial grass products we use.”

At Nordic Surface, commitment, hard work, and curiosity are at the forefront of every project. The company completes entire projects and also provides assistance with playground equipment installation, land planning, and area protection. Erik Wallén Widell, Chief Executive Officer, adds, “Nordic Surface has always worked hard to stay at the forefront of the development and implementation of new products in our market. We feel that these are the right steps to make a difference. As a Changemaker, we are making a difference together with LimeGreen. With their excellent products and dedication, we are working towards a responsible and strong future for our industry.”

A Clear Mission

LimeGreen® Director Jasper Eppingbroek emphasizes, “With LimeGreen®, we have a clear mission: to make artificial grass truly sustainable, together with all partners in the value chain. We are therefore very excited about this collaboration with Nordic Surface. It demonstrates once again that serious companies committed to future-proof projects are making truly sustainable choices. Being able to support them with our products and positive energy motivates us to welcome even more Changemakers into our green movement.