Next 2 natural turf Colorado

N2N Turf introduces ONE-DNA™ in USA

LimeGreen® proudly introduces another new Changemaker to you: Next 2 Natural Turf! As part of Graff’s Turf based in Denver, Colorado, Next 2 Natural has been providing high-quality artificial grass since 2016. Next 2 Natural currently operates in Texas and Colorado and has ambitions to expand to other cities and states.

“We can do better. Time for action.”

The parent company, Graff’s Turf, specializes in natural grass and has been active in selling and installing grass sod for individuals, businesses, municipalities, and sports clubs for four decades. Next 2 Natural Turf, a subsidiary, offers artificial grass as an additional solution to individuals, landscapers, and artificial grass companies. Drought is a growing issue, making water a precious resource. This makes artificial grass a valuable alternative to natural grass. As the name suggests, Next 2 Natural aims to stay as close to nature as possible with its products, making LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ an obvious choice.

“My favorite thing about ONE-DNA is the fact that it is truly 100% recyclable. I feel we get the best of both worlds with the ONE-DNA product, very high turf standards along with the highest standards for taking care of our environment. There is no longer any justification for the industry not being able to fully reuse the product. It can do better. Time for action.”

Marty Thiel, Managing Director