LimeGreen pending B-Corp

LimeGreen® starts process of becoming a B Corp

LimeGreen® has embarked on the official journey to obtain the B Corp certification. B Corp (Benefit Corporation) assesses the broad impact that companies have on the global economy, climate, and the well-being of people. Achieving the B Corp certification involves a comprehensive process where the company makes various optimizations identified during a thorough business examination. Through the B Corp process, LimeGreen® aims to ensure that its important goals related to people and the environment are continually met.

About B Corp

Since its founding in 2006, the American organization B Lab has been working to change the world economy. B Lab is a nonprofit network that seeks to transform the global economy to prioritize the well-being of all people, communities, and the planet. B Lab aims to promote its vision of an inclusive, just, and regenerative economy by thoroughly assessing organizations that align with its ideals, facilitating necessary changes, and ultimately awarding them the B Corp certification.

Focus on Green Objectives

B Corps pursue the highest standards to fulfill their roles in benefiting the environment and society. Well-known brands like Patagonia, Dopper, and Tony’s Chocolonely have already earned the B Corp certification. Now, LimeGreen® is beginning the journey to optimize its processes according to B Lab’s standards. LimeGreen® aspires to become the market standard for sustainable artificial grass applications by 2025.

In this journey, the company will receive guidance from Eshuis Accountants and Advisers, which is also a B Corp-certified organization. This partnership will help LimeGreen® work toward achieving the B Corp certification.

Value Chain

Ed Donkers, Brand Director at LimeGreen®, stated, “With our circular artificial grass, we are driving change in the artificial grass market. We produce our grass as sustainably as possible and aim for a completely carbon-neutral value chain. But we want to go a step further with our company. We go beyond our legal obligations. When do we consider LimeGreen® a success? With the B Corp certification, we demonstrate that as a company, we don’t only pursue financial value but also prioritize values related to people and the environment in our objectives. This certification allows us to have control over the optimizations needed for this.”

Impact of Business Activities

By becoming and remaining a B Corp, LimeGreen® aims to ensure the impact and necessary optimizations for several essential conditions, including reducing energy and resource consumption and minimizing the impact of business activities on the climate and the environment.

Working toward B Corp status serves as motivation for LimeGreen® to continue daily efforts to make improvements in these areas. Ed Donkers added, “We are proud to have started the process of becoming a B Corp. This means that LimeGreen® is now pending B Corp! It greatly motivates us to work relentlessly on our green movement. We are on the right path!