Sanctuary Synthethics-And-LimeGreen

Presenting Irish Sanctuary Synthetics

Experienced company Sanctuary Synthetics from Ireland is also choosing the future and becoming a new Changemaker by working with ONE-DNA™ artificial grass from LimeGreen®. This partnership will make circular artificial grass available to Irish garden enthusiasts, municipalities, and schools. It’s a green step forward in the widely shared mission to make the artificial grass market sustainable and future-proof.

Sanctuary Synthetics, founded by Mark O’Loughlin 20 years ago, is a well-established name in the Irish market, specializing in Garden and Play projects. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and the well-being of its own employees. By also focusing on additional innovation in its product portfolio, Sanctuary Synthetics is working towards a sustainable and healthy future on all fronts. Owner Mark O’Loughlin stated, “In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the product, particularly in terms of its ultimate disposal. The industry needs to respond and play its role; that’s why we are honored and excited to introduce and roll out the environmentally friendly concept, with true recyclability, to the Irish market.”

Circular as the Standard

Europe aims to become the first climate-neutral continent, which requires significant steps. Manufacturing industries must reduce their CO2 emissions to zero by 2050 and work towards minimizing and circularly using raw materials. This transition to circular products also applies to artificial grass companies.

LimeGreen® is leading the way with circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass, bringing as many artificial grass installers and suppliers as possible into this green transition. Together with them, LimeGreen® is making circular solutions the new standard. LimeGreen® Director Jasper Eppingbroek said, “It’s motivating for us to see companies like Sanctuary Synthetics, which have been active in the market for so long, now at the forefront of joining our green movement. They understand the artificial grass market inside and out. They recognize the fantastic solutions that artificial grass offers and at the same time, they understand the necessity of a sustainable transition. If we want to continue realizing projects with artificial grass responsibly in the future, we need to start moving together now.”