Kunstgrascenter takes LimeGreen® to Belgium

LimeGreen® introduces its first Changemaker in Belgium with Kunstgrascenter. This marks a significant step in their joint mission to make the artificial grass market more sustainable. Kunstgrascenter is adding ONE-DNA™ artificial grass to its product portfolio, setting the standard for the entire Flemish artificial grass market as circular artificial grass becomes the future.

Specialist in Flanders

For 25 years, Kunstgrascenter has been a specialized garden contractor. Since 2007, the company has also been installing artificial grass in its garden projects. By adding LimeGreen® grass to its product portfolio, Kunstgrascenter is now making circular ONE-DNA™ available in various Flemish regions. This is an important step in making the artificial grass market in Belgium more sustainable and circular.

With show gardens in Aartselaar, Antwerp, and Waasland, Kunstgrascenter reaches consumers in an extensive area, serving the province of Antwerp, the Brussels area, the province of Flemish Brabant, and Waasland. Kris van Keilegom is excited about the sustainable optimization of the product portfolio: “As an entrepreneur, you always have to question whether what you’re doing is good for society. That’s why we’re very enthusiastic about this collaboration with LimeGreen®. This artificial grass is produced with very low energy consumption and consists of 100% of one polymer. We are committed to becoming completely CO2 neutral as a company within a maximum of three years.”

The Green Movement is Growing

Producer LimeGreen® continues to appoint new Changemakers around the world. The fully circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass by LimeGreen® and the company’s green objectives are being embraced by more and more artificial grass processing companies. Director Jasper Eppingbroek says, “All the entrepreneurs we talk to are enthusiastic and want to start using our circular products. Together with them, we are looking at how we can make a sustainable transition so that ultimately we no longer waste resources and energy in this market. This way, we continue to enjoy the significant benefits of artificial grass in a responsible and future-proof manner. The movement has begun, and it brings a lot of positive energy.