LimeGreen ONE-DNA Kunstgras

Exciting ONE-DNA™ showcase at TuinVisie

To assist our Changemakers in effectively communicating the LimeGreen® story to consumers and landscapers, we provide tailor-made solutions. An excellent example of this is TuinVisie, which has created extensive showcase gardens at their locations in Eindhoven and Utrecht using LimeGreen®’s innovative ONE-DNA™ artificial grass. These showcase gardens feature various garden styles, shapes, and materials to inspire customers.

Presentation of ONE-DNA™ artificial grass

The highly comprehensive showcase gardens offer consumers a source of inspiration for their dream gardens. Whether you are looking for landscaping ideas or are specifically interested in artificial grass, you can explore ONE-DNA™ artificial grass in different colors and compositions to get a good idea of which type best suits your specific needs and style. The stores provide a unique opportunity to learn from experts and experience the latest technologies and products.

Complete package

We have installed an attractive presentation wall in the store, and combined with our information folder, the salespeople have all the necessary tools to fully inform customers.

At LimeGreen®, we are committed to providing as much support as possible to our Changemakers in marketing and sales. This allows our solutions to be presented in the right way, and our Changemakers have all the tools at their disposal to showcase our products to consumers and landscapers.

Through our full-service approach, we are able to offer a complete package of marketing services tailored to the individual marketing needs of our clients.