Impact on the beach

Importance of value retention and circular recycling

Amidst the beautiful backdrop of Impact on the Beach, a business festival tailor-made for and by impact-makers, the theme “building from the future” took center stage. In this context, we were honored to have the opportunity to share our story, invited by the GBN Group, in a dialogue that explored vital questions about the future of sustainability and circularity.

Collaboration in the Supply Chain

One of the key topics of discussion revolved around the urgent need to focus on value preservation. In an era where resources are limited, understanding how we can sustainably preserve and even enhance the value of products and materials is of paramount importance. The festival underscored the urgency of this issue and highlighted the significance of innovative solutions.

Furthermore, the importance of collaboration within the supply chain was also a central point of discussion. In an interconnected world, collaborating to ensure sustainability, from production to disposal, is a critical step forward. The festival emphasized the need for a collective effort to drive positive change.

Looking Ahead

The dialogue at Impact on the Beach was not only about identifying current challenges but also about envisioning the way forward. Recycling, as important as it is, was recognized as just the starting point. The real impact lies in investing in design for reuse, making 100% circularity the new norm for the future.

In conclusion, Impact on the Beach served as a platform for in-depth discussions on these crucial topics shaping the future of sustainability. By focusing on value preservation, circular recycling, collaboration within the supply chain, and the path forward, we are taking significant steps toward a more sustainable and impactful future. Recycling may be essential, but it’s only the beginning. True transformation begins when we invest in innovative design for reuse, making 100% circularity the new norm and creating a lasting impact for future generations.