Green product award LimeGreen ONE DNA

Green Product Award 2023 Nomination

In the 10th edition of the Green Product Award, 1362 participants from 40 countries entered. They were evaluated based on design, innovation, and sustainability, preselected, and ultimately nominated. This global award recognizes innovative and sustainable solutions that push the market in a green direction. We are thrilled to announce that LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ is one of the nominees for the Green Product Award 2023 in the New Materials category!

Let’s design the future together

This is the slogan of the Green Product Award. In total, 100 products have been nominated in 12 categories. One of them is LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ artificial turf, which is entered in the New Materials category.

Voting is possible without registration, so make your vote count! The results will be announced in March during the award ceremony.

Help LimeGreen win the Green Product Award and vote now.

Our Mission

With LimeGreen®, we aim to develop artificial grass products that retain their value at the end of their lifespan. This process of value preservation aligns seamlessly with the EU’s sustainability goals. To achieve the transitions needed globally for the climate, more and more manufacturers are shifting towards circularity, reducing CO2 emissions, and minimizing the use of raw materials.

“ONE-DNA artificial turf is a great example of the level of quality and passion with which our nominees contribute to a more sustainable future.” – Nils Bader, Director of the Green Product Award.

About the Award

The international Green Product Award has been rewarding products and services that excel in design, innovation, and sustainability since 2013. The club’s goal is to inspire consumers and the industry with good examples and provide feedback and networking opportunities for award participants, resulting in more sustainable products. The award covers 11 categories: Architecture & Tiny Houses, Building Components, Circular Materials, Consumer Goods & Body Care, Fashion, Interior & Lifestyle, Kids, Mobility, Sport, and Workspace. The Green Concept Award, held in cooperation with IKEA-Stiftung, focuses strictly on concepts, materials, and prototypes that are not yet on the market.

Each year, the Green Trend Book showcases emerging sustainable trends and entries for the Awards.

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